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Polycom VVX 311 IP Phone
SKU: VVX 311
Polycom VVX 311 IP Phone is an expandable communication device that can improve business operations by enhanced personal productivity and improving team communication and collaboration through the use of crystal clear sound quality in conversations and communications.
$110.00 (ex GST) $121.00 (inc GST)
Polycom HDX Ceiling Mic Black
SKU: Polycom HDX Ceiling Microphone
Polycomãs HDX Ceiling digital microphone array is the only audio pickup device for video conferencing systems on the market that offers consistent, reliable, 360-deg...
$865.00 (ex GST) $951.50 (inc GST)
Polycom SoundStation 2
SKU: Polycom 2 Soundstation
Polycom Soundstation 2 with Display, non expandable. Includes power supply.
$439.00 (ex GST) $482.90 (inc GST)
Polycom Soundstation 2 EX
SKU: Polycom 2 EX Soundstation
Polycom Soundstation 2 EX On Sale Now $449 ex gst. Features include Caller ID, Graphical Backlit LCD Display ,Two External Microphone Ports , 360 Degree Mic Coverage....
$448.00 (ex GST) $492.80 (inc GST)
Polycom Soundstation Basic
SKU: Polycom Basic Soundstation
Polycom Soundstation Basic. on Sale Now $259 ex gst. Features include- Automatic Echo cancellation and suppression, Mute buttons/dual color LED status lights,Three q...
$259.00 (ex GST) $284.90 (inc GST)
Polycom Soundstation2 Avaya
SKU: Polycom Avaya 2490 new
Soundstation2 Avaya 2490 is the ideal conference phone for Avaya DEFINITY digital PBX environments. Just connect the conference phone directly into a DEFINITY ECS dig...
$925.65 (ex GST) $1018.22 (inc GST)
Polycom Voice Station 300
SKU: Polycom 300 Voice Station
Ideal for small conferences with three to four participants in the same room. Great solution for home offices. 7-foot (3-meter) microphone pickup range.
$299.00 (ex GST) $328.90 (inc GST)
Polycom Voice Station 500
SKU: Polycom 500 Voice Station
Polycom Voice Station 500 Conference Unit. Bluetooth-enabled voice conferencing designed for offices and small meeting spaces 3 Gated microphones with intelligent mic...
$359.00 (ex GST) $394.90 (inc GST)
Polycom Wireless Soundstation
SKU: Polycom 2W Soundstation
Polycom - Soundstation 2W Wireless Conference Phone. Superb voice conferencing performance with the freedom of wireless. Phone contains a rechargeable Lithium-Ion bat...
$428.00 (ex GST) $470.80 (inc GST)
SoundStation2 Ext Microphones
SKU: Polycom Extension Microphones
Polycom Extension Microphones for Soundstation 2/2W conference phone.The extension mics will greatly improve your voice pickup in larger rooms and 50% more microphone...
$285.00 (ex GST) $313.50 (inc GST)