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Alcatel 8232 Charger
SKU: Alcatel 8232/8242 Charger New
Alcatel 8232-8242 DECT Handset desktop charger, delivered with USB A cable, requires additionnal PSU (3BN67336AA). Part number 3BN67331AB.
$59.00 (ex GST) $64.90 (inc GST)
Alcatel 8232 DECT Power Supply
SKU: Alcatel 8232 Power Supply New
Alcatel 8232 DECT Handset Desktop charger power supply, contains US/UK/AUS mains plug. Part number 3BN67336AA.
$46.00 (ex GST) $50.60 (inc GST)
Alcatel Basic Charger
SKU: Alcatel 300/400 Charger NEW
Basic charger (without power supply) for Alcatel-Lucent 300/400 DECT handset.
$20.00 (ex GST) $22.00 (inc GST)
Qty Out of stock
Alcatel DECT 8232 Swivel Clip
SKU: Alcatel 8232 Swivel Clip New
Alcatel 8232 DECT Handset swivel clip, replaces the original belt clip. Part number 3BN67334AA.
$26.00 (ex GST) $28.60 (inc GST)
Alcatel Power Supply
SKU: Alcatel DECT Power Supply NEW
Alcatel power supply and charger to suit DECT 300 and 400 series. Call us to Order only 2-3 days delivery time.
$15.99 (ex GST) $17.59 (inc GST)
Qty Out of stock