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Aastra 622D DECT IP Phone
SKU: Aastra 622D - New
The Aastra 622D DECT Phones large, illuminated 2 graphic color display and 8 programmable keys provide quick access to your favorite functions. The Phone is also equi...
Price On Application
Aastra DT390 Carry Case
SKU: DPY901804/1 New
Leather Case with Belt Clip to Suit Aastra DT390 & DT690 DECT Cordless Phones
$55.00 (ex GST) $60.50 (inc GST)
DT292 & DT590 Charger
SKU: DPYNB 301 07/3
Ericsson Desktop charger for use with the DT290, DT292 and DT590 Dect Telepnones (Also suitable for Ascom OfficeT and OfficeM). Includes charger adapter and desktop c...
$44.00 (ex GST) $48.40 (inc GST)
DT690 Battery Pack
SKU: BKB201011/1 New
DT690 Battery Pack. Li -Polymer Batteries (3.7 V) P/N: 660190
$36.00 (ex GST) $39.60 (inc GST)
Ericsson Dect DT 570 Phone
SKU: DT570 Dect phone
Ericsson Dect DT 570 Handset. The Ericsson DT570 is designed for high-intensity phone users who need easy control over their reachability and full access to communica...
$219.00 (ex GST) $240.90 (inc GST)
Ericsson DECT Handset Case
SKU: DT292 Leather Case - NEW
Ericsson DECT Handset Case to suit DT292/292.
$64.50 (ex GST) $70.95 (inc GST)
Ericsson DT 590 DECT Phone
SKU: DT590 Dect Phone NEW
Ericsson DT590 DECT Phone and Charger.The Ericsson DT590 combines outstanding design with supreme sound. Includes charger ( DPYNB 301 07/3 )
$359.00 (ex GST) $394.90 (inc GST)
Ericsson DT290 DECT Phone
SKU: DT290 Dect Phone
Ericsson DT290 Dect Telephone . The hands-free speaking function offers supreme sound quality and makes calling even more convenient. Suitable For Ericsson PABX MD110...
$169.00 (ex GST) $185.90 (inc GST)
Ericsson DT290/292 Battery
SKU: Ericsson DECT Battery NEW
Replacement battery to suit Ericsson and Aastra DT290 and DT292 handsets, also suits Ascom Office T DECT handsets.
$42.99 (ex GST) $47.29 (inc GST)
Ericsson DT292 DECT Phone
SKU: DT292 Dect Phone
Ericsson DT292 DECT Phone and Charger.The Ericsson DT292 combines outstanding design with supreme sound. Includes charger ( DPYNB 301 07/3 ) & 1 x Brand New Battery
$189.00 (ex GST) $207.90 (inc GST)
Ericsson DT390 & DT690 Charger
SKU: BML351060/1 Charger
Aastra Ericsson Desktop Charger for DT390 & DT690 Dect Phones.
$78.00 (ex GST) $85.80 (inc GST)
Ericsson DT390 DECT Battery
SKU: DT390 Battery - NEW
Replacement lithium battery to suit Ericsson and Aastra DT390 DECT handsets.
$42.99 (ex GST) $47.29 (inc GST)